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        Remember....We have our radio net that meets every Sunday morning on 3923 at 10:30 Local Time. 

                                                           Your Net Manager is Paul, K1AFI.

                             The CLUB CALL  W1EFW  is used for all chapter related radio events.


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Amateur Radio Operators Who Have Enjoyed Our Hobby for 25 Years or More.


Fall Luncheon to be held on Sat. Nov 12, 2016 at the...................

             Brookside Cafe in Higganum, CT.

                26 Killingworth Rd, Higganum, CT  11:30 AM     


      More Details to follow..................................................            


Lunch will be from "Off the Special Menu" and

   we will have separate checks once again.            


                Let Gary, K1MQ know if you plan to attend!


 Below are images taken at our August Luncheon.  Al W1FXQ received an award from our Guest Speaker Betsey Doane K1EIC, CT SM for his service to the Connecticut Section of ARRL.  Assisting Betsey is our own ARRL staffer Steve Ewald WV1X.

Betsey gave a presentation about her many years as Section Manager of the CT Section.  She has served 25 years in the position and has seen many changes in the world of amateur radio . Thank your for your service to all amateur operators in CT and around the country.

 Betsey K1EIC (Guest Speaker) , Al W1FXQ and Steve WV1X


            Mike K1AMS(L),    Ernie K1EJB and his wife Deb


          Chris  NJ1K      John WA1QDX   and  Chuck NA1CN

Fred W1CKV (R), Will W1TS, Chuck K0BOG and Bill KC1TX(L)

                         Don K1CMM and AL W1FXQ

    Jeff W1JG,  Al W1FXQ,  Paul K1AFI and  Bill KB1VGS (r)

       In back are Tony W1CGI and  Pete  W1PT and his wife

 Women's Table (l-r=Xyl's) QDX,?,MQ,VGS,AFI, CGI, AMS

                              Betsey  K1EIC  (Guest Speaker)

                                          Barb   K1EIR

         K1EJB's Brother Bob      and         Mike  K1AMS

            Gary K1MQ (L)    Don K1CMM and his wife Sue


Always Remember....to belong to our

Nutmeg Chapter,  your National dues must

also be kept up to date.




 Chapter News  


Aug 24, 2016  


Online dues renewal is available via PayPal using the online dues pull down menu!  (see News Gallery for details)


Latest New Life Member :

 Wayne K. Baggott KA1OX

 Old Saybrook, CT.


Latest New Member:

   KA1UUX - George Cassidy


Our SUMMER LUNCHEON was held on Aug 13 at the Brookside cafe in Higganum.  We had 37 attending and they were treated to a talk by Betsey Doane, K1EIC the ARRL Section Manager for the CT Section.




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